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Every complexion has a personality of its own: its moods, likes and dislikes, and inherited pre-disposed genetic traits. A facial cleanses the skin, it detoxifies the pores, it removes debris, and increases circulation for lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and the chest. 

Sunsara's Organic European Signature Facial is the foundation of all our skin care treatments. European Signature Facials start with exfoliating to remove all make-up, dirt and debris. Featuring our organic, all

natural botanical line of skincare.


All facial consists of a cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, steam, massage and mask.

Signature Facials For All Sensitive Skin Types

Pomegranate Enzyme/Ultrasonic Facial               

Pomegranate + Glycolic Facial               

Aromatherapy Treatments                                       

Blemish-prone, Oily Skin Treatments

Blemish-prone skin is skin that has  a propensity to develop comedones and pimples. Open comedones are blackheads; black because of surface pigment (melanin), rather than dirt. Closed comedones are whiteheads; the follicle is completely blocked. It therefore needs more attention and individual care.

Intensive Clarifying Oxygen Infusion                         

Purifying Facial                                                   

Acne Purifying (Boot Camp Treatments)                     

Glycolic Facial Treatment                                        

Combination Skin Treatments

Combination skin is simply having oily skin in some areas of your face and normal or dry skin in other areas. Typically, there’s a mix of oily and dry areas on different parts of your face, with the t-zone (forehead,  nose, and chin) being slightly to very oily.
Combination skin facial treatments designed to clear the oily and congested part and to nourish the dry area. The treatments will revitalize and gently awakens the senses while restoring balance to the skin. The formula restores a healthy glow to fatigued skin.

Microdermabrasion+Radiance Brightening Peel          

Brightening Oxy-fusion                                           

Ultrasonic/Mega-C Radiance Facial                         

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