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Ultimate Microcurrent Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment
75 minutes $250
90 minutes $275
25 minutes Brow Lift $100

Microcurrent treatment exercises your facial muscles and helps you look more contoured and de-puffed. We are proud to announce our newest model of advanced Biosonics Microcurrent, the 9th generation of Beautiful Image Microcurrent device that has the ability to transform your face into a tighter, slimmer version of you. Biosonic is one of the first and only FDA Approved microcurrent device for professional aesthetics in the world. They are the leader in achieving twice the results over other anti-aging therapies.
A microcurrent facial is a non-invasive solution that uses painless low level currents to re-educate the muscles of the face. This tiny microburst of current tones, lifts and re-educates muscles. This treatment is wonderfully relaxing and causes no pain, swelling or downtime. The microcurrent facial (also known as the Muscle Lifting Treatment and “Lunch Time Face Lift”), works over 32 muscles in the face. The results are younger-looking, healthier skin and it's a popular treatment among celebrities and those who want to achieve lifted and more chiseled features without surgery. After only one treatment, you can visibly see increased muscle tone. The results are younger-looking, healthier skin. The more treatments you have, the better the improvement in your skin, so a series of12-18 treatment (based on your skin condition, age and life style) is recommended for the maximum benefits. This treatment is a GAME CHANGER!!!
This facial starts off with a skin analysis, facial cleansing, an exfoliating enzyme to slough dead skin cells away, then 45 minutes of a microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate the facial muscles, like a "workout" for the face.

75 minutes treatment includes a deep cleansing, light exfoliating enzyme peel and nourishing serum.

90 minutes includes an extra treatment mask based on your skin condition.

15 minutes Brow lift could be added to any Facial treatment


  • Non-invasive and non-surgical

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

  • Re-educates the facial muscles

  • Lifting, firming, and brightening the complexion

  • Stimulates ATP production, energizing the tissues

  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, creases

  • Encourages the absorption of topically applied products

  • Reduces acne scarring

  • Triggers the growth of collagen and elastin

  • Increases circulation, stimulates blood and oxygen

  • Moisturizes and detoxifies the skin

  • Painless (no anesthesia required)

  • Improves sun damage, rosacea, melasma and more

  • Natural alternative to Facelift, Botox and Fillers

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Beautiful Image Advanced Microcurrent Science New Generation (Biosonic Microcurrent) is
made in the USA for the last 29 years and is an FDA-cleared technology.
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Microcurrent Facial Treatment Package
8 & 10 - 75 minutes Treatment 15% off
12 -16
-18 - 75 minutes  Treatment 20% off

Botox alternative Brow lift
10 -12 - 16 - 18 (25 minutes) series 10% off

Note: please read the microcurrent technology page here before making your appointment.

All of our discounted packages of (12 -16 -18) treatments must be use between 48-72 hours, from the purchase date; otherwise clients will be charged the regular price.

Please note that our Spa service options and pricing are subject to change without notice.

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