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Cosmetic Resurfacing Peels

At Sunsara, we are able to help you choose a peel that is suited to your skin type and desired results. To help you schedule your next facial peel, here is a closer look at some of your options.


Superficial Peels

This facial peel is very light and non-invasive, this type of peel has the least amount of peeling agents, creating a lighter effect. With superficial peel, your results will be subtle enough that you can perform this service every week.


Medium Peels

To achieve more dramatic results from your facial peel, you may want to consider a medium peel.  Medium peels are formulated with additional ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin.


As  a result, more  layers  of  skin  are  removed during  the treatment. Medium peels are great for reversing sun damage, pigmentation issues, and the signs of aging. Light  and  medium  peels  can be combined with microdermabrasion for the best subtle improvements, and address problems such as uneven skin color, dry skin, acne and fine lines and can be repeated every 1-2 weeks.

Medium Peels

Medium Peels can be done on the face, neck, or hands, and can be combined with

microdermabrasion but not with any  facial  treatment

Medium Cosmetic Resurfacing Peels can improve the skin's appearance. This procedure uses a chemical (Acid) solution, to "peel" away  the  top  layers  of  the  epidermis  in  order  to improve  conditions  such  as  acne, irregular  pigmentation or fine lines.  Resurfacing Peels have been in use for a number of years and are a highly popular way to improve the texture and look of the skin. Over half a million people have a session performed each year. A medium Cosmetic Resurfacing Peel is one of the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of sun exposure, or scaly patches, acne inflammation discoloration  The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. None-of our Medium peels require pre-condition.

Rejuvenating Treatment Peel

Lactic Peel & Alpha Hydroxy Acids 

1 treatment 25 minutes $95

Lactic Acid (Non-GMO fermented vegetables) a non-irritating rapid exfoliator, along with organic botanical extracts to provide a great peel for sensitive, mature, dry patched and darker skin tone. Lactic Acid, when compared to Glycolic Acid shows greatly reduced irritation while offering efficacy in resurfacing and skin rejuvenation. Extremely effective at stim-ulating natural collagen production, improve dull skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, sun-damage, hyper-pigmentation, acne, dry skin, and aging skin. If you never had skin peel before, this peel is the best for you.


Acne Peel (Salicylic Acid) For Darker Skin tone

1 treatment 25 minutes $95 - With Microdermabrasion $195

This peel is a popular acne treatment and as chemical peeling agent. It’s known to penetrate the pores and promote

the shedding of dead skin cells from inside the follicle itself. Salicylic acid is safe on all skin types, and we have great 

experience with our Caucasian, darker skin colors and including clients with sensitive skin. This peel is for clients with  acne prone  skin, scars, large pores, and or anyone with oily/combination skin, seeking to improve the texture and tone of the skin. This peel main ingredients is salicyclic acid combined with glycolic and  lactic acid.

A series of 6 provides best overall results.


Radiance Brightening Peel

1 treatment 30 minutes $180 ~45 minutes with Microdermabrasion $290

Formulated with the latest revolutionary, naturally potent, sustainable ingredient with a patent‐pending mechanism of action that produces visibly rapid lightening results. Radiance Brightening Peel is also contains skin brightening peptide technology to significantly correct hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Recent studies show that the brightening peptide provides comparable or better results than prescription “hydroquinone” products, and yet is completely non-cytotoxic and therefore does not result in the side effects associated with such as hydroquinone. Unlike other brightening peels, our Radiance Brightening Peel is free of any kind of acids, it is packed with amino acids, brightening plant extracts, brightening peptide and vitamin C, that encourage a "new skin" effect, without any side effects or down time. Your skin will not peel at all. We have tested this Brightening Peel on our African-American clients using microdermabrasion, with an outstanding result. Great for all skin types. See Before & After pictures HERE.

Microdermabrasion + Pumpkin Enzyme-Retinol Peel

1 treatment 30 minutes  $185

Pumpkin enzyme-Retinol peel is rich in antioxidants, and the mineral zinc, which nourish the skin and stimulate the growth of new collagen. They neutralize free radicals and provide protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Pumpkin enzyme-Retinol peel is gentle to the skin and best suited to improving and maintaining its texture. A combination of microdermabrasion and Pumpkin enzyme-Retinol peel prescriptively correct topical conditions. Microdermabrasion eliminates surface imperfections such as mild-sun-damage, brown spots, and fine lines, leaving the skin more receptive to other skin care products such as serum a moisturizer. The best results are obtained with repetition are easy to maintain between treatments. This combination drastically changes the skin to a lighter brighter smoother and tighter.



  • Men and Women, all skin types

  • Oily acne-prone skin

  • Uneven pigmentation

  • Fine wrinkles and sun damaged skin

  • Improving and maintaining skin tone

  • Plugged pores and acne scars


Microdermabrasion + Organic Glycolic Acid Peel

1 treatment 30 minutes 

10% Organic Glycolic Acid $190

20% Organic Glycolic Acid $200


Organic Alpha-hydroxy acid or another mild acid is used to penetrate only the outer layer of skin to gently exfoliate it. The treatment is used to improve the appearance of mild skin discoloration and rough skin as well as to refresh the face, neck, chest, or hands. Glycolic Acid greatly offering efficacy in resurfacing and skin rejuvenation by stimulating natural collagen production, improve dull skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines, sun-damage, hyper-pigmentation, acne, dry skin, and aging skin. If you never had skin peel before, this peel is the best for you. Our results-driven treatment utilizes a combination of mechanical exfoliation (microdermabrasion) and chemical exfoliation (glycolic peel) to cleanse, brighten, and smoothen your skin.


Vitamin C Power Peel

1 treatment 30 minutes $145

Power C Peel sophisticated formula featuring the best of nature’s brightening Vitamin C that has long been recognized as a powerful skin enhancer. This peel is one if the most used red carpet treatments in Hollywood. This unisex peel contains Ascorbic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea Extract, designed to make skin feel plumper, more hydrated, and reduce signs of visible pores. It actively reduces pigmentation, scars, fine lines. Every session triggers collagen and elastin production and cumulative benefits over time.

*Series of 6: Once a week for 6 weeks 15% discount
*Series of 8: Once a week for 8 weeks 20% discount

All our discounted packages of (3-6-8) treatments must be used between five weeks to three months from purchase date; otherwise clients will be charged the regular price.

Book An Appointment: 310. 821. 2143

                          Please note that our Spa service options and pricing are subject to change without notice.

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