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Advanced Age Defining Treatments 

We are driven by results, incorporating a masterful blend of TOXIN-FREE, organic skin-loving, potent, active ingredients with non-invasive technologies such as LED Light Therapy, Oxygen–Infusion Therapy, Plant Stem Cell Skin Therapy,  Ultrasonic and Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion, to offer our health and beauty conscious clients, the best Red carpet ready facial treatments.

We don’t believe in just a good Facial, we transform your skin!

Tri-Fusion Micro-Oxy-Light                                      

24K Gold Facial Treatment                                    

Intensive Brightening Peel                                      


Repair your skin barrier and restore your healthy, vibrant glow 

When the skin barrier is healthy, your complexion appears smooth, clear, even-toned, and balanced. On the flip side, if your skin barrier is damaged, then that’s when you’ll experience redness, irritation, breakouts, rashes,  burning  sensations, broken capillaries, dryness, tightness, and other symptoms.

Restoring skin barrier

If your skin barrier is working well, it will retain water effectively, maintaining good hydration balance, and be resilient yet flexible. This means it contains the right amount of lipids, and the right amount of Natural skin identical Moisturizing Factor. We created the best facial treatment and home care products to help restore and repair your skin barrier.

Great for Dry/Dehydrated/Sensitive Skin Types.

CBD (Cannabidiol) Facial Treatment                        View Details > 

Orange Stem Cell Barrier Repair                             View Details > 

Deep Hydra-Phytoplankton Treatment                        View Details > 

Rosacea Treatment with LED Light                             View Details > 

Soothing & Relief Skin Treatment                              View Details > 


Luminous Facials improves skin tone and texture, repairs sun damage and discolorations.

The Illuminating/Brightening treatment based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process.Using super concentrated, advanced breakthrough peptides clinically proven to rapidly help brighten and even skin tone due to the sun, age, acne scars, and hormonal changes,designed to address and correct hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone, improves skin texture, repairs sun damage and discolorations. Great for all skin types.

Microdermabrasion+Radiance Brightening Peel        View Details >

Brightening Oxy-fusion                                           View Details > 

Rejuvenating Vitamin C Peel                                    View Details >

Ultrasonic/Mega-C Radiance Facial                        View Details >

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