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Here’s what people are saying

I had been struggling with acne for about 2 years, seeing many dermatologists and getting prescribed the same stuff (retin A, minocyclin, oral antibiotics, etc) with nothing seeming to help. Sara is a gem and very skilled. She was gentle but thorough especially with the extractions. Since I was new she was careful with stronger treatment until she knows my skin better. She makes the best products and is more knowledgeable about skin than anyone I've ever met -- she also tells... it to you straight and actually cares about improving your skin. Not only is she great at what she does, I look to her almost as a consultant about any skin questions I have - she knows her stuff.

If you've been struggling with acne and nothing seems to work, go see Sara. Sara will solve your skin problems, TRUST ME. She is extremely-- and I mean EXTREMELY-- knowledgeable about skin, skin care, skin remedies, etc. In a town full of phony people trying to get ahead, SARA epitomizes the exact opposite. She is genuine, considerate and very passionate about what she does. SARA is the REAL DEAL.

I've used many natural skin care for years as my Mum had used them since the 1960's. yet the scents of the products were strong and I always had problem with the scents. I’m using Sunsara skin care products and love all of them for performing outstandingly well.

Ziba P.

- From Facebook

I love this place!  Before I found Sunsara Skin Care, I went to a few different places, then I came here and never looked back.  The service is great and consistent. The space is full of positive energy, very calming, and comfortable. Most importantly, my skin glows for a long time after every facial I receive from Sara.  I also have been using Sunsara's products.  They are organic, vegan, potent, hand crafted and made freshly. These products have improved my wrinkles immensely. She is truly amazing.

Sudi H.

Torrance, CA

From Yelp

Sara has changed my appearance drastically! For the past 6 months, my skin has been acting up and breaking out extremely frequently. After getting a facial and using the products that Sara made herself, my skin is finally clearing up. She's amazing. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to put a little more effort into taking care of their skin.


Yasameen H.

N. California

~From Yelp

Liked the shave system.


1-Protocol was good. The shave oil was very good and let the skin get a very glossy structure on the substrate of the skin.


2-Smell was good and you could feel the viscosity in your hands. 


3-Shave soap itself felt and smelled good. I use a brush in the shower and it was solid. The blade went through the beard on my chin with no problem. There is no pull or tugging when you pull the razor over your beard. This is an issue for all men I think.


4-I did not put lotion on my face after I shaved to see if I would get red. Nothing. Perfect. You could put on lotion but not mandatory like my present system.


5-The more you use the soap the more it foams which is a plus.


You have a winner.




Playa Del Rey, CA

I am using Radiance5 Tone Corrector and 24K Nano (Retinol Recovery Cream. I have very sensitive skin and both creams are perfect for my skin, because of the ingredients and research that went into all products. Great creams!

Diane C.

Los Angeles, CA

I've been going to Sara for many years now. First to have my eyebrows done, then to do facials, and lately doing facials with microdermabrasion. As an African American female, SunSara skin care is my secret weapon to keeping my 40 something face moisturized, blemish and wrinkle free. I get the microdermabrasion on top of my facial and I swear, three days after, my skin glows. I've gotten numerous compliments on my smooth features and even skin tone. Most people credit the "black don't crack" phrase... but I credit Sara and her attention to detail facials. She's managed to keep me looking like a 28 year old for years. I love her service, have never been anywhere else and would never go anywhere else. She's even asked me to visit other aestheticians to judge the high quality of her work. I told her I don't need to... why go out for hamburger when I got steak right here!? LOL 


Try her, I cant say enough about her services and personality. She's wonderful! She even has a skin care line that uses all natural products. I use the face wash and repair oil. My skin has never looked better.

Talicia R.

~ From Yelp

"Dear Sara:

I want to thank you for the LED "miracle" Red Light Therapy treatment package, and I love what it has done for the tone and texture of my skin! Also your products are great which I really appreciate because I've tried so many products over the years - only to be disappointed - but I've never felt disappointed with your products, which is amazing to me. This could be due to the fact that they're more natural AND POWERFUL than most cosmetic products, I don't know, I'm just happy that I'm not slathering on cancer causing chemicals everyday. I love trying new beauty products and am always hopeful I'll find something great for my skin. I've always been under the impression that I had to spend a lot to get great results. . .usually I'm very disappointed because most products are full of chemicals and I'm ultimately paying for the packaging and name recognition than for a quality product. Sunara’s products are tried and true - by a professional who relies on her skin care regime to maintain her beauty and keep her in top form. I love that Sara has done the research for me! She offers products that actually work for the best prices! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Sara! I'm so happy with the results and will continue to follow your advice. All the best!"


Sherman Oaks

My dear Sara, you continually impress me. I hadn't allowed anyone to touch my skin for months because it is hyper-sensitive, and even the most expensive facials from top spas had left breakouts. Nonetheless, I decided to try your service " your Resacea facial". The treatment was 75minutes, thorough, and involved cleaning and creams that I thought would certainly cause my sensitive skin to break out. Imagine my shock when the facial was finished, and my skin looked better than it ever had. My skin was even, clear, clean, and fresh. There was no redness at all. For me, this was a major triumph: finding a facial that works!

Thank you, Sara.


Santa Monica

WOW!!!! I've only got one - Gold and Caviar facial treatment, but I can tell you, that I definitely love my skin texture, so smooth and toned. My skin looks brighter and my fine line looking great. LOVE this treatment! Thank you, my dry skin feels nourished and hydrated. Also I love your anti-aging treatment oils very much!!!!!


Beverly Hills

As you know I am a huge fan of your microdermbrasion/Oxygen/LED light treatment and a bigger fan of yours. I have been doing this for many years and I immediately notice a change in my skin and always for the better. And I always feel so wonderful at the end of a session; don’t even want to put make up on (but I will!)I recommend this procedure to all my friends who question why my skin looks the way it does. It is worth every penny.Thank you for your honest opinions, wonderful suggestions and being a friend to women. Love you my dear Sara! You are the best!



Hancock Park

I just had to thank you – something I never have done before….I came to you at the end of October, my friend Marcy got me your microdermabrasion gift-certificate, and bought all your products. I have to admit for the first time in my life, I actually have noticed a serious difference in my skin….in only ONE MONTH!!!! I LOVE, LOVE and LOVE your Radiance Serum!!!!I just want you to know that you really made an impression on me. You were actually “normal”. You spent a lot of time with me, you were dead honest, and from one woman to another, you were great. I have invested tons of money in different high end salon over the years, and it was all about them suggesting really expensive procedures and their ridiculous products….all BS. I always looked the same….never could I say “WOW”.BUT TRULY, I am positive between the products you recommended and the microdermabrasion….WOW…. I’m addicted to the microdermabrasion and your products….really…..I just wanted to

really thank you. Thank you so much for your honesty… You’re the best….


West Hollywood

I can’t believe the difference in my skin in just four months! Before I came to you, I had been to two different dermatologists who had me on antibiotics and prescription creams for my face. I was still breaking out and my face was irritated. And the pimples that were going away were leaving dark spots on my face and jawline.I stopped the antibiotics totally! Washing my face with your face wash and using your purifying toner like you suggested, getting microdermabrasion treatments once a week for first 2 months and your day and night serums and the mask made a huge difference. I love all your products. My dark spots are just about gone and I hardly get any new nasty pimples. I was happy at the end of the two month when my dark spots started to fade. But now at the end of months I can’t believe the difference. Thank you so much Sara.


Palos Verdes

I have been an esthetician for 13 years now. People always ask me "who does your facials?" and I always explain I have no one I trust to turn to for my own skin care needs BUT that was until I crossed paths with Sara! She is just the best both Professionally and personally this is who I turn to not only receive some needed relaxation and pampering BUT some serious skin care. I'm a fan of the Gold & Platinum Facials because they work instantly to tone my face and even out my skin tone! Sara is simply put the best in our business!


KTLA & Dr. Oz Beauty Expert

What can I say.....I am totally addicted! I have been going to Sara at Sunsara Spa for nearly 19 years now. She is amazing and I always let her suggest which treatment she feels is best for my skin. I love the microdermabrasion,  Oxygen and 24K Gold Facials. I spend a lot of time in Jamaica and get too much sun. After my trip in 2008, I had a series of Microdermabrasion Treatments, which worked great to remove my brown spots, minimize the size of my pores and also improve the texture of my sun-damaged skin. I am also using many of her skin care products which I love. I receive so many compliments on my skin and I truly appreciate Sara's expertise! Thank you Sara....xo!


Venice, CA

Moved here 2 years ago from NY and have tried several salons for a good facial with no luck. I found Sunsara spa on the internet searching for 24k gold facial and I have to admit that this place is such a GREAT find! When I went to Sara for the first time, I had no idea just exactly how personalized that experience would be. We had a discussion about my skin care habits, my right and wrong doing regimen! Sara did not recommend gold facial for my first visit, and she tailored her Signature Deep Pore Cleaning Facial instead, that I will never forget and put some of the other experiences I’ve had to shame!Her no nonsense approach to my skin paired with expert recommendations was exactly what I needed in a facial. She goes to work on your skin like the dedicated professional that she is. The space is small, but intimate. I would choose this environment over the typical big-box day spa franchise any day. I highly respect her knowledge of her industry and her dedication! Simply put, she’s amazing.

Megan T.

Pasadena, CA

I have had many facials in my life, but none that compare to the results I get from Sara's 24Kt Gold Facial. The results are immediate and I honestly don't feel like I need to wear make up. My skin feels tighter and more toned, fine lines disappear. My skin feels lifted

and has an amazing youthful glow! People always comment how rested I look and how great my skin is after receiving this treatment.

It is truly amazing!!! Thank you Sara!


Mar Vista, CA

"I LOVE Sara, I have nothing but great things to say about her! She does wonders for me.I've suffered from acne for about 5 years. I've missed both school & work due to excessively bad break outs. Acne definitely affected my self esteem over the years. I've tried just about everything “more prescriptions and antibiotic than I can count, several cortisone injections at dermatologist office, infomercial products“, until I meet Sara. I had to see her once a week from the beginning, then every two weeks and now I see her regularly every 3 weeks. Bottom line, the only person completely cleared up my acne is Sara. Her hard work on my face, has been a miracle for me and my skin is now completely clear. Besides giving me the best acne treatments, she also gives me her own skin care line which is the most natural-toxic-free home care products I have ever used. If you've never had facial treatment you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with her. She exceeds any and all expectations you will ever have about your experiences, especially in acne treatment facial, give Sara a try! You OWE it to yourself!!!!"


Venice, CA

"My # 8 Microdemabrasion Update: It looks better today than it has in years. I actually see the hyper-pigmentation on my forehead is clearing up. You have done what no doctor has been able to do in twenty years. Your Microdermabarion is a miracle treatment!!!I hope you enjoy your most prosperous year ever!!"

Marcy, N

Santa Monica, CA

I have been seeing Sara for threading, waxing, and facials since 1996 - I can't believe it's been 16 years! This excludes a brief period for a couple of years when we moved from West L.A. to Ventura County and I tried other salons closer to my new home. Ultimately, I could not find anyone as thorough, attentive, committed to high quality service, and caring as she is, so I make the 1- to 2-hour trek to see her. I think the level of service is based on her training in Europe, and also on her passion for skin care. Her salon is very private, too, and I enjoy the cozy feeling of it. Oh, I almost forgot - she also did my wedding make-up, and it was beautiful! A couple of years ago, Sara mentioned that she was designing her own skin care line. She had carefully researched the ingredients commonly used in commercially available products and found them to be neutral at best or harmful at worst. Knowing this, she did not feel comfortable continuing to use them on her clients, and instead started compiling information on the best plants for skin and formulating products with a focus on organic ingredients. I have used several of her products, including rosacea cleanser, ClearCorium Stabilizing Toner, BioRescue I Complex eye cream, Ellagic Acid UV rescue cream, Collagen III Reconstructing Serum, ClearCorium Acne Control, and Micro Exfoliator 10, and Biogenic Sunscreen. My skin does so much better on these more beneficial products, with no petroleum or other compounds that clog my pores. When I do break out, it's very, very minor compared to the past. My rosacea redness has calmed down. I don't feel self conscious about my skin anymore, and what a relief that is!

Angela, AC

amarillo, CA

"Sara is absolutely wonderful and so soothing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect facial treatments."

"...I am totally addicted to Sara. I had only one facial in my thirties, and really didn't see what the big deal was, until I had a Facial with Sara back in 2000. I have been treating myself to "Sara-cures" every month since then. I call her the one "guilty pleasure" I won't give up. If you want to know how a facial treatment is suppose to be done ask... for My Sweet Sara. You'll be hooked!!"


Beverly Hills, CA

"Happy 4th of July! I loved the Mediterranean facial treatment you gave me. My skin looked so nice and now I am ready for another one!" "Sara you rock"! Sara is the best skin care person I have been to. She is patient and professional and does a thorough job."


Marina Del Rey, CA

Relaxing environment, quiet and soothing!!! I have been suffering from eczema all my life, and have spent thousands of dollars on doctors, dieticians and etc. I've been to facialists many times before, but never have I experienced a facial which included such quality products (my incredibly super sensitive skin was not a bit bothered when I got Microdermabarsion facial, in fact, it looked wonderful at the end of the treatment), and also Sara is soooo knowledgeable about what she is doing. I love her very soothing touch. Sara has been my best allied in assisting me to take care of my skin and the skin of my family for the last 8 years. Through comprehensive education, carefully customized products, and EXCELLENTE (beyond any words) service. People consistently underestimate my age by at least 10 years, a mistake I welcome more and more! I feel better about myself, and that is truly priceless. You must visit Sara at Sunsara spa.

Karen M.D

Pacific Palisades, CA

As a Venice beach Outdoor Personal Trainer, I regularly take the quick jaunt up to Sunsara Spa to luxuriate under the soothing touch of Sara. Unlike most other oxygen facials I‘ve tried, Sara does this great Facial in totally different way, that I love so much. Oxygen facial is a luxuriously soothing process wherein cool streams of oxygen and serum are sprayed onto your face. The results are instant. Within seconds of the application I always see a visible plumping of the skin around my mouth, eyes, and forehead. My skin loves microdermabrasion combined with oxygen facial, for me the Oxygen Facial is simply the crowning jewel of the new beauty regime that I’ve implemented since my visit to Sunsara!!!! Very cute place with a lot of street parking.Thank you Sara for your great treatments!!!


Hermosa Beach, CA

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