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Need expert advice?
Having trouble with your skin? You’ve ever wondered about your skin type or having trouble deciding which skincare products to buy, information about your skin type, and more. Perhaps you don’t understand why certain products are beneficial to your skin, or which ones are going to hinder your progress? Need help understanding how to use skin care that will actually Help?

Sunsara offers customized skin care consultation focused on the unique needs of your skin.
Get personalized skin coaching from Sara, Please call to schedule an appointment (310) 821-2143
This is for our out-of-state clients who needed one-on-one care, education, and counseling.
1- Personalized skin phone coaching 

Time: 45 mins. $125


2- Consultation In Person At Sunsara Spa 

Time: 60 mins. $150 (includes skin comprehensive photo-assessment)

30 minutes $75 



Book An Appointment: 310. 821. 2143
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