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Microdermabrasion Treatment                    

Sunsara’s Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenation  system exfoliates and resurfaces the skin promoting flawless,  smooth, and beautiful skin texture.  This all natural minimally  invasive anti-aging procedure promotes collagen production which  improves “light acne scarring” enlarged pore, improves skin  elasticity and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.


We offer our clients the highest quality microdermabrasion  system and our fresh handmade products, to provide the most effective results of any microdermabrasion system available at the best possible value!  If  you're looking for a safe, affordable, time-tested skin rejuvenation and healing treatments with  superior  results, you'd  be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive  solution than Sunsara’s  Medical-Grade Microdermabrasion Treatment.


Medical Microdermabrasion is a safe, non-surgical resurfacing procedure performed by a certified professional. It is an ideal treatment for young or old, male or female and for all skin types. Although mainly used on the facial area it may also be performed on the chest, back, shoulders or other areas as required.


One of the most effective skin treatments we offer, Microdermabrasion is an effective skin rejuvenation procedure that requires no downtime, allowing clients to resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. The procedure is extremely popular because it is painless yet effective with minimal redness, swelling or irritation.

Many people notice improvements in the texture and appearance of their skin immediately after the first treatment. The long-term benefits of multiple procedures can be remarkable. The photographs show examples of the results obtained by Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion Power Peel
45 minutes $215

A multi-step process that combines Microdermabrasion, orange Stem Cell and pure oxygen infusion, that supercharge your skin’s natural healing abilities for a flawless complexion. The ultimate resurfacing treatment is a great option for clients who cannot afford to take time off for healing from chemicals peels or lasers, also great for active people who don’t want to interfere with social or outdoor activities. This unique procedure removes dead and flaking skin, correct discoloration and sun-damage, stimulates the production of young skin cells, collagen and elastin. It is the ultimate advancement in non-invasive, non-surgical skin conditioning. This treatment consists of a enzyme-cleanser, microdermabrasion, plant based Stem Cell Oxygen infusion.​ Orange Stem Cell boost collagen, protect against sun damage, brighten skin, and repair fine lines. Clinical studies have shown that orange stem cells provide antioxidant protection, protect skin from photodamage by absorbing UV radiation and oxidative damage, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, stimulation to epidermal stem cells and increase the longevity of skin cells.

Facial treatment options:

All Facial treatments combines cleanse, steam, face, neck and décolleté massage, light Peel and Mineral mask). If your skin needs deep cleaning, you might need more time for extraction:

Add-on 15 minutes extra time for extraction $35 or 30 minutes for $60.


Microdermabrasion Treatment; Organic Crystal; (Face, Neck & Décolleté) 75 minutes $325

This treatment combines Anti-aging light Peel and Mineral mask).


Microdermabrasion (Organic Crystal) with Red LED-Light Therapy 75 minutes $285

This Treatment Combines light Peel and Matcha tea/Seaweed Mask).


Sensitive skin that reacts to chemicals and laser treatments
Oily, acne-prone skin that is not improved by acne remedies 

Dehydrated, dull, congested, flaky and Mature skin
Younger people with early skin changes that wish for beautiful skin

All skin types with Sun Damage,Hyperpigmentation and Melasma


Boost collagen production 
Stem Cell Provide antioxidant protection

Brighten and repair damaged skin 
Intensely Hydrating via Oxygen Therapy Infusion

Leaving skin feeling smooth, soft and renewed

Addressing hyper-pigmentation problems

Acne scars


Correcting skin dryness

There is less discomfort 

Recovery is quick 

No hazardous chemicals

Rejuvenating Treatments options:

Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment Organic Crystal with mineral Mask 60 minutes $200

Microdermabrasion (Crystal) With Radiance Brightening Peel 60 minutes -$290

Microdermabrasion Treatment (Face, Neck & Décolleté) 45 minutes $270

Intense Power Microdermabrasion (Organic Crystal + Organic Grains) 30 minutes $175

Medical-grade Microdermabrasion (works great as 6-8-12 Series treatment) Face only 30 minutes $135

Microdermabrasion Treatment with Vitamin/Mineral Infusion & Red-Light Therapy 45 minutes $255

Microdermabrasion Treatment Organic Crystal 25 minutes $135 with Oxygen infusion 60 minutes $245


Medical-grade Microdermabrasion (Series) one treatment 30 minutes $135
*Series of 6: Once a week for 6 weeks 15% discount
*Series of 8: Once a week for 8 weeks 20% discount

All our discounted packages of (3-6-8) treatments must be used between five weeks to three months from purchase date; otherwise clients will be charged the regular price.

Add-on peels with microdermabrasion treatment

At Sunsara, we are able to help you choose a peel that is suited to your skin type and desired results. To help you schedule your next anti-aging, brightening and acne peels, below is a closer look at some of your options.


Superficial Peels

This facial peel is a light and non-invasive, this type of peel has the least amount of peeling agents, creating a lighter effect. With superficial peel, your results will be subtle enough that you can perform this service every wee

Lactobionic/Azelaic Acid (for sensitive skin) $90

Pumpkin Enzyme-Retinol Peel  $95  

Vitamin C Peel (15%) $85

Organic Glycolic Acid (10%) $55

Organic Glycolic Acid (20%) $65

Willow bark (Organic Salicylic Acid) $75 
Lactic Peel
(Vegan) (15%) $45

Organic Pomegranate Enzyme/Glycolic Peel $65

Pumpkin Peel 20% $45

Prior to receiving Ulrasonic, Microdermabrasion procedures, inform us of any condition that may affect this procedure, such as: pregnancy, recent facial surgery, allergies, or use of topical and/or oral prescription medications such as: trentinoin, Retinol, Retin-A, Accutane, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo or Ziana.

Please note that our Spa service options and pricing are subject to change without notice.


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