Customize Your Own Facial

Our customized Facial is a unique ideal for you (skin-care fans) who know exactly what they want. If you're just looking for a skin pick-me-up and or some quality relaxation time, this part of our service allows you to design your own facial treatments that meet your specific needs. 

Express Refreshing Facial 

30 minutes $75

When time is of the essence!

You'll be in and out with the Sunsara's Express Refreshing Facial. This 30-Minute customized session starts with a , Light Exfoliation Cleansing, Steam, Mask, Serum, and Moisturizer. This is an excellent treatment in preparation for an event or as a pick-me-up in between facials. (Extractions are not included.)


You can build your facial by adding any of below services.

Facial Add-Ons Services

Need a little extra boost to your facial?

These facial add-ons provide a variety of benefits for your skin and most can be added to any facial you pick!

Exfoliation Peels


A lite to moderate exfoliation utilizing a combination of Vegan-and NON-GMO lactic acid, Organic Glycolic, Natural salicylic and Vitamin C peels. Excellent for congested, acne and sun-damaged skin. These skin peels provide more subtle improvements and can be repeated every month. 


Retinol Peel $95

Vitamin C + Green Tea Peel $75 
Organic Plant Glycolic Acid $55 
Willow bark (Organic Salicylic Acid) $65 
Lactic Peel (Vegan) $55 

Pumpkin enzyme-Retinol Peel $85

Regenerating & Anti-aging 


Oxygen infusion with Anti-aging treatment $150

Oxygen infusion with Acne treatment $105

Red LED-Light Therapy $90

Red LED-Light with Special Anti-Aging Serum $150

Medical-grade Microdermabrasion $95

Medical-grade Microdermabrasion 

(Organic, Vegan Grains) $115​

Blue LED-Light Therapy (for Acne)$30

Electromagnetic Wave+Infra-Red light 10 minutes $25​

Extraction 15 minutes $35  or 30 minutes for $60.

Your Perfect Eyebrow 

For Both Men & Women

The eyes are the windows to the soul and every client needs a great pair of arches. At Sunsara, we ensure that your ‘windows’ are properly dressed, and shaped by designing the perfect pair for your face. Your eyebrow waxing experience is built on the foundation of the super gentle, high-quality waxing treatment we offer.

Eyebrows maintenance (wax) $30

Every 3-4 weeks to ensure your brows are always in shape. 

Eyebrows Arch (wax) $60

With Tweezer $75

This treatment is for the brows out of shape or almost full grown.

Please note that our Spa service options and pricing are subject to change without notice.

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